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  • This is the only product of its kind dedicated to dump bed maintenance safety

  • Safely hold dump beds at higher angles than manufacturer-provided props

  • Gives employees safe access to more area underneath the dump bed

  • Will work on any brand of dump box.


Heartland Auto & Industrial Supply, Ltd. is proud to be the Alberta distributor for Dump-Lok safety braces.

Safety is a very important part of our lives. Most accidents are preventable with a simple safety precaution, which is why we believe in this product.​

Prevent Injuries & Fatalities from Unsecured Dump Beds with Dump-Lok

Every year, serious injuries and fatalities occur when unsecured dump beds fall on workers that are making repairs between the bed and frame. DUMP-LOK is a unique and simple solution that safely secures the dump bed and prevents injuries.

  • Optional flat top available for offset dump beds and trailers

  • Can be used universally on any brand of dump box

  • Can safely hold dump beds at higher angles than manufacturer props, giving employees safe access to a wider area underneath the dump bed

  • Designed with easy-to-grip handles, making each steel brace easy to carry and easy to install between the truck frame and dump box

  • Fulfills OSHA’s recommendation for employers to protect employees from the hazards faced when working under a raised dump truck dump body by using an alternative “truck bed brace bracket”. (OSHA SHIB 09-18-2006)


Available models:

104H – Offset frame

105-106- up to 50,000 lbs

109 – up to 75,000 lbs

NOTE: DUMP-LOK braces are strictly intended only for use in pairs.


DL 105-WT


IMPORTANT: DUMP-LOK braces are strictly intended only for use in pairs.


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